Monday, May 23, 2011

Love is a poison... Can I have some?

What is love? It is a very subjective question. The answer for this question varied according to different individual. According to Wikipedia, Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.

Nowadays people tend to see love and relationship seriously. Yes love is part of our life, but its just a part of it. Its not our life. We are born into this world to be loved and to give love. In a relationship, love goes both way. There is no point loving someone and not being loved back.

People tend to do anything for their so call loved ones including taking their own life. Its kinda stupid to do that just to show how much you love the person. One of my friend's sister who is in secondary school attempt suicide just because of relationship. This is how poison love can be.

Sometimes I think that once the relationship is over means its over. There is no point crying over spilt milk. Its not to say that you can't cry. But after you cry, stand up and be strong. Strong for yourself and not for others or some revenge kinda thing. My belief is everyone in this world have a partner. Is a matter of time before you finding them.

"Those who make you cry don't worth your tears. And those that worth won't make you either."

Second chance only come once. If you tried your best to save the relationship but it goes bad, its ok because you already tried. Just let it be and continue to live a happy life. You are not the one that lose out. Its the person who leaves you that lose out because they lost you. There is no point waiting for someone who don't know how to appreciate you. Don't worry there will be a person who knows how to appreciate you. Just you haven't found them or you never notice them. No worries.. =D

Some thinks love is a game. Its a matter of are you brave enough to play the game after losing the last one badly. Everyone have their story. But that is all in the past. We still need to live our life although we are sad. Why don't we just live it happily. Its our call whether we wanna be happy or sad. Just be yourself and time will heal everything.

In every relationship there will be memories. Those are our happy times together but it will all be just memories. Don't try to erase them because it won't go away. The more you erase the more you'll remember. Take it as a lesson to make yourself a better person and not to make the same mistake that you did. Treat the next one better than the last and show to yourself that you are a better person.

There is no use changing someone or changing yourself for someone. If the person love you, they will accept you as who you are. We are who we are. Anyhow someone will be attracted to you. Things come best when you don't expect it.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a misery. Today is a gift thats why it is called PRESENT".

Those in relationship, appreciate them before its gone. And those who are single, don't be sad. Your time will come. And last be not least, CHEERS!!


(p.s - The title is catchy right. I saw it on my boss tee. A catchy one which I can use for myself.)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Finally I have time to update my blog. So sorry to my blog for not bothering you for quite a while. There is a lot of things that I would like to share. There is just too much and I don't know where to start.

First thing first. Lets talk about this weekend. This weekend is a wonderful weekend. Its the Startup Weekend Malaysia. Its a place where ideas and people gather together. Some people who have the idea but they don't have a team to execute it. Here is the place they look for their team member to work on their project and startup a company. It is held in Universiti Tun Razak.

Its a three day event where participant have 54 hours to build their ideas and turn it into a reality. Its a good opportunity for people who have cool ideas but lack of manpower to execute it. Startup Weekend gathers marketer, business, technicals, investors and others. This completes the team in any startups.

Let me introduce my team -  The Music Scene, thats what we called it. What is it all about? There are a lot of genres in music that other people don't know. But those music are great but they don't have expose to the public. Thats where The Music Scene comes into play. We help them promote their music and organize gigs for them. Basically thats the business idea of it.

At the end of the day, all the team will have a chance to pitch their idea. The winner will get to realise their ideas.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday Wishes

"Happy birthday 2 jeremy..happy birthday 2 u! woo~happy birthday ya my dear..wish you all d best n stay leng zai ya..hope our relationship wil laz long got anything Juz tel me..don be love dear ya..muacks..happy birthday once again!enjoy ur big day la..=)"

This is what she send to me on my birthday last year. How I wish this was for this year's too but too bad this year's turn out different. I may not be the guy she wants but I've tried my best. I know I did bad when we were together. As chinese said, "Guys not bad, girls don't like". But this saying seems to be false. 

I wish her all the best in your new relationship. Hope that guy treats her better than I do. 

Cheers ^^v

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Last weekend was a wonderful weekend. It all started from an invitation from my friend to Times Square. I didn't know what it is for. To me its just another round of window shopping or eye viewing only. But it turn out to be that one of my friend entered a competition. Its the MSI Idol 2011. What the hell is that? I don't give a damn about it. Just there to support and see whats going on. Its the semi final consisting of 16 contestants. Then my friend into me to some of their friends which turns out to be pretty girls. Its kinda long story how our friend meet and how we became mutual friend. Then we went for late lunch at what Uncle Duck. Its famous for its steamboat. Then planned for the night plan to Zouk. My friend turnout to have a lot of contacts. And that really impress me. For a young girl who knows so many people. It shows that she hangs out a lot and it a mature girl. Zouk is fun but it depends on who do you go with. Overall its not the best but it good enough for me to enjoy.

Then on Sunday, We plan to go for a one day trip to Malacca. Started our journey at 12pm. Reach there about 1.30pm and it was heavy rain. I almost got into an accident. Opps not an its twice. Scared my friends to hell. So sorry for them. I blame no one but myself but luckily nothing happened. ^^v.. We went for chendol at Bukit Cina. Then went for chicken rice ball at Jonker. Then when around there to walk and intro the place to my new friend. After that when for ABC at 88. Walk around then go to our favourite layer cake Nadeje. Hang around there a while then we head to our next destination, Portugis Village for our seafood dinner. The scenery there was awesome. Windy clear sky. Chill there a while before we select our restaurant. We went to No. 7 which is considered the most famous based on the number of customer they have. After dinner, we straight head back to home because its getting late and tomorrow some of them have class and others have to work.

So that all on my wonderful weekend. To me everyday its a new and wonderful day. ^^V

Jay Chou The Era 2011 World Tour @ Putra Indoor Stadium

It all started on Friday. The long awaited Jay Chou The Era World Tour: Live in Malaysia concert. I was looking forward to it since his first tour the one in Taiwan. It was.. AWESOME!!. Although the sound system sucks but you rocks. I was impress with all the props other than the sound system. The funny thing is there was an LED light which shows the lyrics of the song right opposite of the stage. It is because Jay is famous for forgetting lyrics, that serves the purpose why it is there. xD. The concert ended with two encores, four guest artiste (Cindy Yen, The Drifter, Gary Yang and Lara Veronin) from Taiwan and a whole lot of fans.

It was a show commemorating a milestone in showbiz - 10 years of musicmaking with 10 studio albums. Making an explosive entrance, the man emerged fom a futuristic spaceship as solidly rendered 360° 3D suspension much like a floating and revolving white-clad timetraveller. Said to be the latest visual effect technique, this mind-blowing projection technology reportedly cost RM4mil, a sizeable chunk out of his RM10mil concert.

The world tour kicked off in Taipei last June and includes stops at 40 cities around the world. And if you missed the show here, don't fret. There are some 20 more shows to go and the concert album (DVD +2CD) of his first show in Taiwan is already available for sale.

Jay Chou The Era World Tour: Live in Malaysia was presented by MBI Entertainment, organised by Speedy Entertainment, with main sponsor Carlo Rino.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

別怕失去 - 陳柏宇

作曲:C.Y. Kong / Davy Chan
編曲:C.Y. Kong / Davy Chan
監製:C.Y. Kong / Davy Chan

記性太富有 弱者擠出眼淚懷舊
慣性去悔疚 實際是自己親手 會負了石頭


記性太富有 弱者擠出眼淚懷舊
慣性去悔疚 實際是沒法再追究


追憶過 繼續向前行

Friday, February 25, 2011

#Pisces Compatibility

You and an Aries Zodiac Sign 
This is definitely a case of opposites attracting, and they can either merge into a wonderful harmony, or clash in chaos. You both have great energy and emotion, so if you feel that this partnership warrants the work, go for it. You'll have a solid bond! 

You and a Taurus Zodiac Sign 
You two share similar tastes and romantic notions. You are dreamier than the other, but that needn't be a stumbling block; you can help the practical one expand their vision and they can help you see life as it really is. Together you achieve great balance 

You and a Gemini Zodiac Sign 
One of you wants to sleep in, while the other wants to get up and get going. This highlights both sides of the coin in this relationship. One is laid back while the other is quick and curious. You can either learn from each other or butt heads. 

You and a Cancer Zodiac Sign 
Fortune smiles on this pairing, as you are both emotionally sensitive and thrive on the flow of emotions, thoughts, and ideas between the two of you. But this openness can also lead to a higher degree of vulnerability if one of you is down and takes it out on the other. 

You and a Leo Zodiac Sign 
You two are bewitched by each other's passion, confidence, and heart. Romance and romantic gestures will play a big role in this relationship, as you each try and woo the other. You each enhance the other's strengths and this relationship can take you both far. 

You and a Virgo Zodiac Sign 
You are both idealists who set very high standards, especially in love. When you click, others will be jealous of how attentive you are to each other. If you don't set your standards unreasonably high, this can be a romance that novels are written about. 

You and a Libra Zodiac Sign 
This may seem to be a match made in heaven and, in many ways, it is. However, over time, the differences in your characters may leave one or both of you feeling disappointed when the honeymoon ends. Stick with it, and you'll be rewarded. 

You and a Scorpio Zodiac Sign 
Both of you long for magic, and you can make it happen for each other. You may be one of those couples who finish each other's sentences. This is a pairing that legendary romances are made of. Be careful, though, that you maintain separate identities. 

You and a Sagittarius Zodiac Sign 
At first, this will feel it’s like a romance from a fairy tale, and it is. But the clock will strike midnight and the coach will turn back to a pumpkin. The love can endure if you are both willing to accept the mundane realities of a committed, loving relationship. 

You and a Capricorn Zodiac Sign 
You two are a real yin/yang complement to each other and can bring out the best in each other. Each of you admires qualities the other possesses and tries to emulate them. Your romance will be a lovely dance where the partners change who is leading whom. 

You and an Aquarius Zodiac Sign 
The initial glow you both feel when you meet will draw you together like moths to a flame. When the flame flickers, you will have the opportunity to settle into a comfortable and friendly love connection. It will take work, but it will endure. 

You and another Pisces Zodiac Sign 
You two will communicate at a level that few other people can even comprehend. But since neither of you is particularly practical, you're going to have to work to have a functional relationship that takes on the more ordinary tasks of everyday life.


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